Ann Mary Thornton

Nottingham Evening Post 08 April 1935

Descendant of Rev. William Lee of Calverton
Mrs A. M. Thornton Dead.

Nottingham has lost another of its oldest citizens by the death in her 97th year of Mrs. Ann Mary Thornton.
She was born in 1838 at Blackhill House Farm, and delighted to tell of how she walked from Carlton to Stoney-street daily, to school. In those days there were no railways to Carlton and the township of Netherfield did not exist.
Her father, Mr. James Lee Dennis, had pastures in Netherfield where Dennis-street is now situated. He claimed descent from the Rev. William Lee, of Calverton, the inventor of the stocking-frame.
In her childhood she was sent for her health to stay with a relative named Oakland who owned windmills on the Forest on land now acquired by the Church Cemetery. The millhouse at which she used to stay was, in the early days of the cemetery, used as a mortuary chapel.
Mrs. Thornton had a good memory, and latterly delighted in recalling incidents of her early life, such as the opening of the Arboretum, to which she was taken as a girl in her early ,teens. She took a great interest in Nottingham street and housing improvements, and had recently been driven to see the new housing estates, also the Carter-gate improvements, a district in which, many years ago, her father had a small property.


Mrs Thornton had been a widow for 58 years. Her husband, Mr William Thornton, who was a hosiery manufacturer, took out patents, some of which are still in use. She had five sons and three daughters, and is survived by two of each.
The funeral took place in the Church Cemetery last Saturday, preceded by a private service at home, conducted by an old friend of the family, the Rev. Arthur Beilby, formerly minister of the New Church, Bluecoat-street. Those present at the service at the house included Mrs Brunt (daughter), Mr albert Dennis Thornton and Mr. Charles Thornton (sons), Mrs. Charles Thornton, Mr. James R. Thornton (grandson), Mr. R. Hawksley, Mr. A. Beilby, Dr. Stafford, Mrs. Musson, Mr. E. Musson, Mr. W. W. Weldon, and Mr. J. Collin. Numerous other friends assembled at the graveside.