The Sinking of the Drummond Castle

from South Africa Magazine 11 July 1896

Among the passengers on board the Union Company’s steamship Athenian ‎(Captain Martin)‎, which arrived at Plymouth on Saturday night, was Mr. M. H. Morris, auctioneer to the British South Africa Company in Mashonaland. It appears that his wife, who was Miss Zefferrett, of a Jewish family formerly resident in Plymouth, embarked at Natal for England in the Drummond Castle. When the vessel reached Cape Town, Mrs. Morris, who was in a weak state of health, went to the boarding school where her two sons, Leon and Sidney, aged 10 and 9 respectively, were being educated, and made arrangements for them to accompany her to England. She secured berths by permission of the Captain, and even the husband did not know they had traveled with their mother in the Drummond Castle. The two children must therefore be added to the number of victims. Mr. Morris joined the Athenian at Cape Town in the full hope and expectation of spending a holiday home with his wife. There he learned that she had taken the children with her, and all his hopes were crushed when, on reaching Madeira, he was informed that the Drummond Castle had foundered with his family. Mr. Morris, who is prostrate with grief, has offered large rewards for the recovery of the bodies of his wife and children.